Post Driver

Have you been putting off building that new fence, or repairing an existing one? Rent the District's post driver 001 400 x 300Wheatheart Post Driver to help you complete the job quickly and efficiently. Please contact the SWCD office at 812-254-4780, ext.3 to schedule rental of the post driver. 

The Daviess County SWCD Board has implemented a post driver rental policy. Effective January 14, 2013, the rental rates are as follows:

Within Daviess County: $1.00 per post, 25 post minimum.

Outside Daviess County: $150.00 per day flat fee adjoining counties only. (Martin, Dubois, Pike, Knox, Greene)




No-Till Drill  

drill resizedThe Daviess County and Martin County SWCDs co-own a seven foot Great Plains Drill. The drill is available for use in seeding warm and cool season grasses, and wildlife habitat plots. Please contact the Daviess County SWCD office, 812-254-4780 ext.3 to schedule rental of the drill. Effective October 21, 2019, rental rate is as follows: 

For 4 acres or less - $60.00 flat fee.  

For more than 4 acres -  $25.00 hook up fee, plus $8.00 per acre. 

Available for use in Daviess and Martin Counties only.

 Please provide proof of insurance before renting either the post driver or drill.