Classroom presentations are aligned with state educational standards and offered free for all schools in Daviess County. Materials for classroom activities and hand-outs are provided by the District, as well as additional lesson extensions for the teachers. Classroom presentations are available for grades Kindergarten through sixth grade.

Listed below are the programs offered for the 2019-20 school year. Please feel free to contact me with feedback! My email is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   


6th Grade "Sum of the Parts": Students get to develop their own piece of riverfront 'property', demonstrating how they may contribute to and resolve pollution problems of the river. Individual actions, both positive and negative, add up! Program length: 45-50 minutes.


4th Grade – “Fourth Grade Farm Fair”: Due to ongoing public health concerns, the 2020 Farm Fair has been canceled.


 5th Grade – “Trash Talk”: Learn all about how a landfill works, and how recycling can help our landfill last longer. I'll use the Landfill Enviroscape model to show how a landfill works! Program length: 45 minutes.



 Kindergarten – “The Garbage Monster”: Listen to the story of Jo as she meets and tames the garbage monster at her house.  Students will learn what can be recycled locally during the ‘sorting it all out’ activity. Program length: 40 minutes.


2nd Grade – “Soil Pizza”: All of the ingredients on our favorite pizza can be traced back to the soil! Learn how soil is an important part of our daily lives. Program length: 45 minutes.


 5th Grade - “What is a Watershed?”: We will discuss types of water pollution and how we can help keep our watersheds healthy and our water clean. I will do a demonstration using a model watershed called the Enviroscape. Program length: 45 minutes.



4th Grade – “Wading Into Wetlands”: Learn about different types of wetlands. I will use a model to demonstrate some of the functions of wetlands. Program length: 40 minutes.


2nd Grade – “Fred the Fish”: An interactive demonstration on how pollution affects “Fred” and the river he lives in. Program length: 40 - 45 minutes.



 3rd Grade – “Dirt Discoveries”: We will learn about different soil types and what we can do to protect our soil. Students will also do a hands-on soil texture activity. (They may need to wash their hands after this!) Program length: 45 minutes.


1st Grade – “Splish Splash”: A short story about the adventures of a water drop going through the water cycle. We will make a “thunderstorm” in the classroom. Program length: 30 minutes.