The official governing body of the SWCD consists of a board of five supervisors. Three are elected (one each year for a three-year term) at an annual meeting of land occupiers held in January-March. Two are appointed (also for staggered three-year terms) by the State Soil Conservation Board based on recommendations of the leadership in the district.

Daviess County SWCD Supervisors

Philip Flint, Board Chairman - Elected

Todd Allison - Appointed

Marvin Holstine, Vice Chairman - Appointed

Steve Halter, Member - Elected

Rob Sullender, Member - Elected


If you would like to serve as a supervisor, please contact the SWCD office, 812-254-4780 ext.3. If you are interested in conservation, and would like to serve in a lesser capacity, consider becoming an associate supervisor. Associate supervisors cannot cast votes regarding official board business, but can contribute valuable ideas and volunteer hours, helping the district achieve its conservation goals. Read more about the responsibilities of SWCD supervisors here.