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Dr. Pat Keyser

Dr. Pat Keyser is a Professor and Director for the Center for Native Grasslands Management at the University of Tennessee. In that role, Dr. Keyser provides regional and national leadership in the development and implementation of comprehensive research and outreach programs focused on the management of native grasslands. This includes work on use of native grasses in forage production systems for livestock, biofuels production, the integration of forage and biofuels, answering specific management questions for native grasses, restoration of natural grassland communities such as woodland and savannahs, and wildlife responses to native grasslands management. He has authored or co-authored 58 grants worth over $10 million in support of his research (more than 50 research projects to date) and outreach activities (including numerous on-farm demonstration projects), all leading to 300 publications including 80 articles in scientific journals. He has directed 13 and mentored an additional 32 graduate students and made more than 400 presentations to a wide variety of audiences including students, scientists, and producers. He and his wife of 36 years have been blessed with four children and 2.8 exceptionally good-looking grandchildren, and make their home in East Tennessee.

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